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Paul the Psychic Octopus Hits the Big Time

Posted in Anthropromorphism, Bizzare Behavior, Psychic Pets, Randomalia, Roadside attractions, Travesties of nature on July 23, 2010 by Eric S.

If, like me, you could give a rat’s ass about soccer (football to those of you familiar with the metric system), there’s a chance you missed out on Paul the Octopus’s 15 minutes of fame. But this mid-phenomenon report by RussiaToday should be all you need to come up to speed:

Basically, what we have here is an octopus raised in captivity in a tourist aquarium in Germany with a considerably better than random ability to pick winners in Germany vs Whoever soccer matches. Paul lodged his predictions by choosing which side of a two-binned feeding dish to take his dinner from: one marked with a German Flag, the other marked with the flag of their opponent. According to stats on Wikipedia, his 2010 predictions were 100% accurate, making him 61% more accurate than Punxsutawney Phil and (if I’m doing the math right) 99.6% more accurate than dumb luck. NOTE: Yes, I did that math in my head before realizing it was right there on the Wikipedia page.

So, honestly, this followup story shouldn’t be that surprising:

Paul, welcome to the Big Leagues. But it’s not all bad, at least for Paul’s owners (I can’t claim to know the pros and cons of octopoidial life). A Russian bookmaker offered his owners €100,000, and I could swear I heard a story about someone stateside offering more than a million dollars for him. According to The Wall Street Journal, he has a job offer from Infosys. And according to this report, a black comedy Paul the Octopus murder mystery filmed in South Africa is in post production in Beijing.

All of which is trumped by the fact his immortalization in this little ditty by Perry Gripp, of Cat Flushing a Toilet fame:


…and one for good luck

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Texas, temporarily stealing the Spotlight o’ Weird from reigning champion New Jersey, has officially one upped their own UFO sighting. It seems that one of the seven kittens delivered by Amber, a Persian mix, was born with two faces.

No, literally:

In sert your own joke about how *all* cats are two faced.

Yes, yes, I know it look Photoshopped, but I lifted it fair and square from a reputable news source (, and it’s got one of those flashy AP copyrights on it, which screams of legitimacy. Gold star for the person with the funniest Siamese cat joke.

Coinicidence, you say? How naive.

Posted in Psychic Pets, The Unexplained on February 17, 2008 by Eric S.

Had I only gotten into this whole blogging thing a week and a half earlier.

The day: Thursday, February 7th, 2008.

The place: my sofa.

The time: 9:30ish.

How do I remember the time, the importance of which will become apparent just a few sentences from now? Because Lost was on, and it was the mid-show commercial break. Plus I looked at my watch.

I’m sitting there, watching the mysterious goings on on whatever the name of the island the Lost people are on, and Josie (aka: Black and White Cat) starts digging between the sofa cushions. Because that’s something she does. After a few minutes, I get tired of it, and decide to help her get whatever it is she’s after. And what she’s after is this:cats are psychic!Anyone needing a little help figuring out why this is blogworthy, note the fact that the start time for this movie is exactly three years earlier. Exactly. I know not what this means. But knowing that it surely must mean something itself must mean something (beyond the inflective quality of italicized words). Dwell too long on it and you could go mad.