The entertainment value of slow motion

I was recounting the tale of this way-cool, super-slow motion video to someone earlier this week, in which (and, in paraphrasing myself, I choose to use quotation marks), “Some dude karate chops this cinder block, but in slow-mo, it totally looks like he’s flagellating it with a rubber glove full of Pez.” Sure, I probably didn’t say flagellating, but I’m pretty sure Pez was indeed part of the description. Anyway, I recommended that my enrapt audience see it for themselves firsthand on

Turns out I never posted that video here. Maybe it was that advice column for superheroes I did a few years back. Anyway. Without further ado, here’s a slow mo video of some karate dude chopping what turns out to be not a mere cinder block, but an impressively thick hunk of (allegedly) solid concrete:

See? See the rubber glove? See the Pez? That’s some impressive stuff, tell you I.

Anyway, this particular video has been rattling around my brain for long enough that, while impressive to see again for the first time in a while, it doesn’t leave me with that holy toledo sensation those of you seeing it for the first time may be experiencing right now. So, naturally, I was curious what YouTube had to offer in the way of related videos. Here are the highlights.

From the same producer, a guy getting slapped in the face:

A ladybug:

And, IMHO, the most striking of the variety of water balloon explosions:



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