South African Explorers Discover the Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth

At least, that’s what the author of purport. At first glance, the findings of pilot Johan Heine and the MaKomati foundation give that electric crackle of discovery armchair archeologists get once or maybe twice in a lifetime (maybe three, if you’re really old) when some intrepid explorer stumbles across a cave full of scrolls or tomb full of mummies.

A series of heavily weathered ruins stretching from South Africa to Kenya largely regarded as the remains of watering holes along Wadi trade routes (i.e., those of a number of indigenous south African peoples) include what appears to be a functioning calendar that could be among the oldest man-made structures on the planet:

That was enough to get me to add their book to my Amazon list, read the whole site, and even toss the question of the theory’s validity to the braintrust over at the Straight Dope message boards. Sure there are a couple of facts that seem far fetched at first glance – the estimate of the ruins’ age from 75,000 (or twice as old as cave paintings at Chauvet) to 250,000 years old, that include a network of sites connected by roads comparable in size to the Egyptian empire – but one has resist the natural impulses of the chronological superiority complex.

Fact is, I’d love for this these guys to be on to something, and not just out to make R250 selling me their book. But their science seems to be only slightly better than those bigfoot guys.


4 Responses to “South African Explorers Discover the Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth”

  1. Thanks for getting our discovery out into your circle of influence. I will gladly share our scientific findings with you and take you on an extended tour of the Adam’s Calendar site. Many highly qualified people and experts in their field have spent a lot of time and energy on this ancient site, and it’s many related stone ruin settlements in this specific area. The global archaeological community is a well protected sanctuary of frat-brats that will not embrace any new discoveries unless it comes with their blessing or from their own womb. This has been the case for thepast 200 years at lease and continues today. A book called “Forbidden Archaeology” will give you much to consider on this subject. Countless dicoveries have been sidelined and pushed under the carpet by the cotroling bodies for politically driven motive that will probably shock most first-time readers. So, what I want to urge your readers to do is to observe, research and make their own evaluation of this important discovery. As time goes by, more and more people will realise its paramount importance in all of human history. This is after all the ‘Cradle of Humankind’ so we should expect to find the oldest human activity here, and not be surprised by it. Sometimes I wonder who hands out the degrees at universities – I for one have very little respect for the clowns who handed me mine in 1983.
    I find it absolutely shameful that a handful of academics have gone on record to discredit our work. The amazing thing is that not a single one of these 2 or 3 individuals has ever been to Adam’s Calendar, not one of them even knows where it is; not one of them has done any research there or observed the movement of the sun and moon and marked the solstices, observed the geology, the erosion, the lichen, the soil shift the archaeoastronomical anomalies, the magnetic fields and many other new discoveries we make every time we go back to do more research.
    Every day new discoveries are made and yesterday’s science is todays common sense. We know very little about our human origins and the so-called knowledge we teach our children at school and higher education is mostly theory and hypotheses that keeps getting rewritten every few years. And yet we have the arrogance to present these as FACT. The damage we do to the yound and uninformed minds takes many years and much more effort to unravel than the effort it took to entrench it. This is the great shame of our civilisation.
    Keep challenging the conventional, keep asking more challenging questions and never just acept the word of so-called academics hiding behind their titles. They are all driven by questionable motives.
    Keep exploring, there is so much more to be discovered.
    Michael Tellinger

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