Jupiter caught in blatant attempt to increase its own popularity

First it was Saturn with it’s nifty rings. Then those other outer planets, some with names that were especially funny if you were a middle school student. And the whole is-it-a-planet-or-not kerfuffle with Pluto. Jupiter, arguably the most important non-solar/uninhabited object in the solar system appears to have finally had enough of not being the number one topic of conversation at local astronomy conventions and rural telescope parties. Thankfully, its chosen add to its headline value with something less drastic than fusing its core and transforming into a star, as seen in 2010. No, instead the planet has recently developed two more of the giant red spots that in large part define the Jupiter™ brand.

Which, honestly, might not give Jupiter the jolt it’s looking for. I mean, sure, more is better when you’re talking chocolate or kittens. But red spots? It’s kinda been done before. Next time the Jupiter Public Stunts Committee gets together, they should really consider finding a way to pull off that 2010 star thing.


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