Just because it’s pretty IV

(photo courtesy of the Hubble Telescope)

Honestly, I feel like I could pass some of the photographic wisdom I’ve earned with three Art School photography class C’s to whomever it is pulling the shutter up there on the Hubble. But when it comes down to subject matter, the Hubble has me not only outclassed, it has me outschooled. Outhoused, even, if you’re down with the potty humor.

Yes, yes, it’s true: I like to watch things smash into each other. The bigger the better. Which I know is wrong, insofar as wrong means think about all of the people that might’ve been hurt in that 17-car pileup you’re gawking at during this otherwise uneventful trip up the Garden State Parkway. Which is the beauty of videos like the one I posted back in March depicting the forthcoming merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Sure, it may spell the end of life as we know it, but anyone at a safe watching distance (and, as the event will take the better part of a billion years to run its course, with a considerable attention span) will be in for quite a show.

Anyway, returning to topic. Me. Big things. Smash. Whoa. Imagine my euphoria at finding the Hubble photobug had similar leanings, as catalogued in the 2008 multimedia collection Cosmic Collisions Galore! It’s like a drive thorugh New Jersey on a whole new level. Enjoy.


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