Video of high-speed chupacabra pursuit leaves sheriff baffled

First, special thanks to field correspondent David for tracking down this video of Dewitt (TX) County lawman Brandon Riedel’s pursuit of what may be a chupacabra:

Second, a special commendation to Corporal Riedel and partner for having the presence of mind to do what seems to have escaped all but the fewest of witness of strange and unusual occurances, and remembering to turn on the camera. Yes, yes, everyone thinks they’re remember to do it if it ever happens to them, but it takes a special presence of mind to remember mundane things like removing lens caps and pushing power buttons when you’re face to face with a mythical beastie, extraterestrial being or, say, killer robot. Koods to you, Corporal.

And third, jeers to CNN for being unable to resist using the word “baffled” in describing the reaction of a rural Texas sheriff to this incident. Sure, I appreciate the compulsion. A small, podunkesque town on the Texas/Mexico border? A C-list X-files premise? An authority figure on top enough of his jurisdiction’s law enforcement needs that he can probably spend a good amount of time with his boots on his desk (which, in the video, is suspiciously clear of heel marks) spinning yarns about the old days when things weren’t quite so peachy? Honestly, I’d have a tough time not takinga few Dukes of Hazzard jabs at him myself. But you, CNN? Come on… that’s the sort of crap we expect from Fox News.


4 Responses to “Video of high-speed chupacabra pursuit leaves sheriff baffled”

  1. You know, my first thought on seeing the video of a rural Texas sheriff following the fabled Chubracabra was “Why isn’t he shooting this thing? Case closed!”

    This was supposed to be from Texas, wasn’t it?

  2. Why should he shoot it? Would you shoot anything what you see and don’t know what it is or what?

  3. out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

  4. Sheriff Jimmie Russell…

    […]Video of high-speed chupacabra pursuit leaves sheriff baffled « Into All That[…]…

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