Kent Couch and his amazing flying machine

Admit it. You’ve thought about doing the exact same thing. Maybe you’re at a backyard barbeque. Some festive occasion, complete with cases and cases of chilled, refreshing and possibly alcoholic beverages, plus the obligatory ‘festive’ balloons the missus (or whoever your party-planning co-conspirator is) made you spend all afternoon inflating with that dang-blasted rental helium tank. Or, who can say? Maybe there’s just you, a backyard and the aforementioned case of refreshing alcoholic beverages. Either way, you spy a lawnchair that you reckon couldn’t possibly weigh more than a couple of pounds. And the dang-blasted helium tank. And the wheels get turning…

(This and more pictures available from CNN.)

Sure, it’s a fantasy so played out they’ve even made movies about it. I don’t imagine that makes the trip any less exhiliarating. Mr. Couch, this nicely chilled beverage is for you. I hope Idaho was all you hoped it might be.


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