Breaking news on the Bigfoot front

As seen on Fox News, 7/01/08:

What’s truly shocking about this is that Fox — the network responsible for full hour explorations of how the moon landing may have been faked, among other hot button pop-sci topics — is the voice of reason in this report.

Out of all the bears that everybody hears about, talks about and they see on vacation, how come nobody’s ever found a skeleton of a bear?”

So says subject matter expert Tom Biscardi in this report. Hey, Tom? Just in case you Google yourself and come across my blog:

(Image appropriated from sans permission)

This and approximate 200,000 other images resulted from an image search for bear skeleton. If that’s not good enough, I have no doubt Troy Hurtubise can turn one up for you in a jiffy.

In all fairness, I appreciate how being grilled by Ken and Barbie might lead to words coming out of your mouth in an order other that you intended. Feel encouraged to set the record straight here.


17 Responses to “Breaking news on the Bigfoot front”

  1. “….GPS doesn’t work up there…”

    Huh. I thought all you needed for GPS was a receiver, and a location on the ground where you could see “up,” where the geosynchronous satellites are.

    And congrats on the commenting by Troy Hurtubise! Primary sources are key in developing credibility.

  2. texas buddha Says:

    For the secret history of Bigfoot check out my blog.

  3. Secret history, huh. Is this like Bigfoot: The missing years?

  4. I was trying to decide is Mr. Buddha up there was being ironic by failing to actually provide a link to the secret history of Bigfoot, thus ensuring it’s continued secretude.

  5. I for one am horrified at texas buddha’s blatant disregard for the sanctity of The Family Circus. I will never visit his site again.

  6. texas buddha Says:

    Ah, for cryin’ out loud.

    Think of it more as a tribute. New World Order Family Circus could have never existed without the iconic creations of the great Bil Keane and his lovable innocent characters. While the tone of NWOFC is much darker, the humor actually trades upon the reader’s knowledge of the saccharine sweet original. The sanctity of The Family Circus is exactly what allows NWOFC to work.

  7. Well, I gotta admit that Bil Keane is pretty much a hack. The much more joyous and uplifting strips are created by the mysterious “Jeffy,” whose understanding of the human condition cannot fail to touch everyone.

    Wait… what? “Jeffy” isn’t a real person? When did this happen????

  8. Eric S. Says:

    I thought the both of you might appreciate this:

  9. Eric S. Says:

    And as long as we’re off on a tangent, here’s The Nietzsche Family Circus. Enjoy.

  10. […] influence of something akin in that phrase). As much as I enjoy quality entertainment like this discussion between David and texas buddha, I don’t believe there’s anyone out there that thinks Hitler actually recruited Bigfoot […]

  11. […] sources, Fox News and local station KTVU report that a crack team of Bigfoot researchers, including Tom “Ain’t Never Seen a Bear Skeleton” Biscardi, claims to have recovered a genuine Bigfoot carcass. And in the interest of both setting the […]

  12. A good example…

    Therefore here I will discuss a further illustration of exactly what Louis was expounding on…

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