Reptiles run amok

After complacently playing second fiddle to mammals for 65 million years, give or take, recent news seems to indicate that class Reptitia is in the midst of a play to reestablish their position of dominance. The last week has seen a barrage of reptile-related news that can only be seen as a deliberate, malicious and cold-bloodedly coordinated attack. A stealthy python attack in Australia. Attempts by both alligators and crocodiles to sneak into our cities, thankfully intercepted by the vigilant forces of justice. This story, perhaps run before the reporter was able to get all the facts, shows evidence the reptiles have already begun indoctrinating our youth, brainwashing humans into doing their dirty work for them. Then, just because no story is complete without a cool audio/visual segment, there’s this video of a snake eating a hippopotamus:

I hope it goes without saying that this assault must be stopped. And it’s going to take all of us: me, you, our cats, dogs, horses and hippos. Unless we want to go back to living in caves, fighting dinosaurs and sleestaks with pointy sticks, we have to act fast. Contact your local government and/or gun-toting militia and let them know you’re ready to do what’s neccessary to keep us safe.


2 Responses to “Reptiles run amok”

  1. That really looked like a breach presentation there–they ought to have an emergency OB team to help with the delivery. Oh wait, it was coming out the other, other end.

  2. oYV0Bk I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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