South Korea legitimized by crop circle

After what I imagine was a bid process not unlike the one cities endure in hopes of hosting the Olympics, South Korea has at long last been legitimized as a member of International Brotherhood of Nations Plagued by Unusual Occurances (hereafter, IBNPUO) by the visitation of a crop circle upon a field of grain of (thus far) unverified yield, as discovered on June 3:

(photo swindled from blogger 98papa, albeit by way of this German site that didn’t pixelate the model’s face. You can see the full formation on either of the sites linked to; I chose this one based on its exhibiting a) a crop circle and b) a South Korean.)

My more-or-less sincere congratualtions to the nation and citizens of South Korea — way to go, guys! For the record, I saw The Host way before it was cool, and find South Korean director Chan-wook Park’s segment of Three… Extremes far and away the most disturbing of the three.


One Response to “South Korea legitimized by crop circle”

  1. Crop for real? We’re Park chan-Wook fans too.

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