Unicorn sighting: Rome

While I’d ordinary leave unicorn sightings to the Harry Potter contingent (no offense to you, Harry Potter contingent), something about the idea of an Italian deer unicorn provides all sorts of extra opportunities for snarkiness:

(photo appropriated sans permission from newsvine.com.)

Sadly, unlike another recently discovered abnormality, this mono-antlered Roe Deer cleverly named “Unicorn” (hey, maybe it’s clever before being translated from Italian to English) has been determined to be not a manifestation of divine providence, but a garden variety genetic flaw/birth defect. So, rather than a magical improvement on the quality of healthcare worldwide, speculators anticipate Uni’s legacy primarily being remembered by the Italian-crafted shoe buyers of the world.


15 Responses to “Unicorn sighting: Rome”

  1. i like unicorns
    they like corn

  2. i too like unicorns
    but i hear they prefer cream tea biscuits

  3. Wow. Together, and with a little editorial intervention, you two could be the Lenin & McCartney of the blog haiku circuit:

    I like unicorns
    They like corn; I, too, like corn
    Also, tea biscuits

    Yep. I think you’ve got a good thing going, Loo and Barb.

  4. the Lenin & McCartney of the blog haiku circuit

    Surely you mean Lenin and Marx?

    Googling “Lenin Marx Haiku” turned up this gem:
    The pain in my ass…..
    Why do I talk to these dense

    Most days I feel that way myself!

  5. Not really sure what that had to do with Unicorns, though.

  6. i think its really cool

  7. i cant believe there was a deer unicorn living in rome i wander what happened to the animal well i think its cool.

  8. Hey i love animals and i was so exited to hear there was a real unicorn deer animal. So i think its neat i hope sighting and i love deers to like crazy i hate hunting

  9. It’s spooky how clvere some ppl are. Thanks!

  10. this isnt a horse this is a deer

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