Waves. In a large, free sphere of water.

Though spot on in terms of summing up this video’s subject matter and content, the title of this video filmed at the International House of Pancakes aboard the International Space Station somehow fails to express the intriguing awesomeness of the video itself:

 “This is an example of heterogeneous nucleation,” says the narrator during the [spoilers alert] extra special antacid experiment. I mean, geez. Do these guys know how to party, or what? Rawk on, space dudes!

Which is interesting, because you’d think Zero Gravity Cat, listed by YouTube as a related video, would be, I don’t know, more better than this:


Who’d ever guess an astronaut blowing bubbles would be more interesting than a cat freaking out in 0-G? Not me, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s the production quality.


2 Responses to “Waves. In a large, free sphere of water.”

  1. PIEL4l Home run! Great slugging with that answer!

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