Peculiar atmospheric disturbance, Singapore

This newscast from Singapore (conveniently broadcast in English) reports on this “unidentified flying object that some Singaporeans saw”:

Not one to quibble, I’d suggest describing this… whatever not as an Unidentified Flying Object, but rather as a Peculiar Atmospheric Disturbance, henceforth to be known as a PAD.

Here’s a longer video from a different angle, sans commentary:

Which provides a handy segue into the second biggest issue facing investigators of the strange and unusual (the first being that, by definition, the strange and unusual don’t happen every day, creating a need to spackle holes in New Inexplicable Phenomena (hereafter known as NIPs) calendar with old news). That issue being difficulty in describing certain NIPs. What exactly is this PAD?

A Google search for “ring of fire” gave 3.8MM responses, mostly Johnny Cash fan sites, Johnny Cash tribute band fans sites, and paeons to the geologically active ring around the Pacific Ocean. I don’t have time to sift through 3.8MM search results. Or anything after the first 2 pages for that matter. New search: “unforgettable fire” yielded 14,000 results, mostly fanboi sites for some Irish band the kids all seem to be in to. What the hell? Maybe I was being too literal with the whole flame angle. I tried “spirit in the sky”, finding 345,000 results for 1969 one-hit wonder Norman Greenbaum.

At that point, I threw in the towel. If anyone has any idea what this thing might be, feel encouraged to toss your 2¢ in.


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