Finally; here’s your friggin flying car

You know all of those pesky problems the average American faces getting to work? Traffic jams? Environment-slaughteringly low mileage vehicles? Mediocre radio programming? As reported by the BBC, the solution to two of these problems is so simple that if it were a snake, it’d’ve bit you: flying cars.

The solution to gridlock on our overcrowded roads is to take to the air in a plane-car hybrid that will revolutionise the way society works.

Sadly, the simplicity of the solution ends just about there. No mention is made of how fuel efficiency will actually be boosted into the 100 MPG range (both on wheels and awing), nor how this alleged hybrid vehicle will convert from flight to drive mode, nor how having a sky full of impatient, untrained pilots buzzing through Times Square will be any better than what we’ve got now.

But that sort of of skepticism in unhealthy at this juncture. If Boeing and/or reporter Maggie Shiels have a dream to make the world a better place, I’m not going to stand in their way. I wish everyone involved the best of luck.


One Response to “Finally; here’s your friggin flying car”

  1. Now, I think I know how this can turn out. The traffic on Coruscant is awful, even with flying cars. I think the solution is actually to just work from home.

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