Alternative for surfers too lazy to paddle

And, oh — just in case I need a disclaimer: this looks about as real as pro wrestling. The YouTube title tag claims the shark in question is a Great White. Assuming that’s not just to make this stunt seem even more foolhardily death defying, and someone involved actually took the time check the alleged shark’s ID, and further assuming that this image boosted from Wikipedia accurately shows the ratio of dorsal fin height to body length of great whites to be in the 1:12 range:

that fella’s bagged himself a 36-foot-long shark. Still, you’ve got to admit pro wrestling has its moments.


5 Responses to “Alternative for surfers too lazy to paddle”

  1. Next you’ll be telling me that the shark in this clip isn’t real either.

    Mr. Spicoli in your clip above would probably be advised to get some Bat-Shark repellent of his own, just in case. Because even in Pro Wrestling, it really hurts when you get smacked with a folding chair.

  2. Eric S. Says:

    Wait, wait, wait… are you saying Jeff Spicoli…? And Bat Man…? Huh. That certainly explains why you never see them together.

  3. No, I was just commenting on how the dude in your surfer-shark mashup looked like Spicoli.

  4. Eric S. Says:

    Yeah, Spicoli’s more of an Iron Man anyway. Or maybe an H. R. Pufnstuf.

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