Extra-appendaged animal of the week: Hex, the 6-legged kitten

The owners of Hex, pictured above in a photo swiped from cfnews13.com, were expecting conjoined twins, and ended up instead with a six-legged kitten and a backup supply of organs. And, I expect, 13.5 lives. What’s really notable is that the reporter chose to refer to the expected kittens as conjoined, maybe for reasons of political correctness, or possibly because there’s nothing special about giving birth to cats that happen to be Siamese twins. Okay, okay, sue me for that one… I’ve been holding it in since the last feline abnormality back in February.

Says the article:

The kitten needs an operation and the family is asking the community for donations. The surgery is expected to cost around $3,000.

If you want to help, send your donation to:

Veterinary Specialists of South Florida
ATTN: Aimee Griswald
99410 Stirling Road
Cooper City, Florida 33024

There. My good deed for the day is done.


One Response to “Extra-appendaged animal of the week: Hex, the 6-legged kitten”

  1. very cute cat!!!!

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