Crop circles & Google maps

As I was trying to pinpoint Wiltshire for the post below, I got to wondering, Hmmm…. I wonder if you can see any crop formations in Google Maps? The answer, of course, is yes.


4 Responses to “Crop circles & Google maps”

  1. With Google Earth, you can go to this link. It makes you wonder what Google’s advertising rates are for large scale imagery such as this.

  2. These are amazing times! My research and experience says that these CropCircles that we see popping up are generating transmissions at ultra high frequencies that are targeted at our heart center. Some have multiple messages to convey even. Also there’s numeric meaning and, some circles have even represented ASCII code! My crop circle page at has some examples that I have decoded through transmissions I have receieved. It’s great to be alive!

  3. This may be the best read to date..

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