Alien ‘light beings’ set up residence in Calgary

As reported by legitimate news source, NBC 10 in Philadelphia, this pair of perps has set up residence in an undisclosed neighborhood of Calgary (that’s in Alberta, for the geographically challenged (that’s in Canada, for the severely geographically challenged)):

While this may look like better-than-average work with a spray can, the fact that the figures move over the course of the afternoon and disappear when clouds pass overhead lead top scientists to speculate that they may in fact be a reflection from from the windows of the neighboring residence. At this point, this theory continues to be pure speculation.

Video you’ll have to click through to and above image courtesy of


4 Responses to “Alien ‘light beings’ set up residence in Calgary”

  1. I’m immediately suspicious of the video; no one sounded at all like these guys, eh?

  2. I believe the McKenzie’s speak with a Toronto accent, no?

  3. I’m impressed! You’ve mnaaged the almost impossible.

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