Just because it’s pretty…

Photo appropriated from National Geographic of the Dec. 11, 2006 nighttime launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.


3 Responses to “Just because it’s pretty…”

  1. Huh. I’ve seen with my own eyes exactly one spacecraft launch. On Dec. 11, 2006 I was on a plane to New Orleans for a week of post-Katrina destruction with my brother. About an hour into the flight, the pilot came onto the intercom and said that everyone on the port side of the plane to “look out the window…… now.” Being seated on the correct side, I followed the instructions and saw that exact launch, probably from about 400 miles away. From my perspective, the shuttle appeared to go straight up without the curving over the Atlantic seen in the above photo, as I was seeing it from directly up range from the launch path. Very cool.

  2. Man, I miss all the cool stuff.

    But, hey, since you’re an actual eyewitness… there’s a small, glowing unidentified object that, from the angle this photo was taken, the shuttle appears to be about to smack into. As I’m sure I would have heard about such a collision, can you confirm/deny that this unidentified object was able to fly out of the way?

  3. The photos are taken professionally thanks for the info for others to know.

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