Big night for Pacific corals

Yes, everyone knows coral is alive. Or, more to the point, the calcium carbonate ‘heads’ and reef structures we all think of when someone says coral are apartment-buildingesque colonies of lots of little coral bunnies, commonly known as ‘polyps’ (and, in fact, only known as ‘coral bunnies’ to the esteemed readership on

Now, let’s see how I dance around this next part without leaving PG-13land. You see, when a boy coral and a girl coral really love each other, and decide the time is right to commit themselves to settling down and expanding the colony… well, see, they engage in a beautiful expression of their love in an act known as spawning, in which they…

Oh, hell, just watch this video:

Or this better one, that you’ll have to go to YouTube to watch.

All of which is only notable because it only happens once a year, and for the corals of the western Pacific, that once a year is slated to start tonight.


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