Crop Circles: apparently, still giving it a go as a conversation topic at paranormal get togethers

In hunting for images to rip off for the Vegas/Bellagio story a couple notches down the page from here, I serendipitously stumbled across what’s quickly become one of my favorite coffee break distractions: Like Paleofuturism before it, Next Nature’s exploration of a nature resulting from human (ergo: unnatural) influence introduced not only some nifty new vocabulary for impressing dinner guests, but indeed a whole new lens to use in looking at things I’ve already looked at.

All of which has nothing to do with what I’m actually writing about: crop circles. Until some time this weekend I was of the opinion that most other people were of the opinion that crop circles had been dismissed as a hoax. Most other people being those that didn’t think they were a hoax in the first place. Akin to the theory that the Rapa Nui must have had extraterrestrial assistance with their stonework because there’s no way mere people could complete such a task, the thinking that pranksters couldn’t make a crop circle seem pretty summarily refuted by Hello Kitty:


Apparently not.

A search for Crop Circles turns up 2,170,000 results on Google. I had patience to look through half a dozen or so with the most devoted-sounding names. Most choose to take the aren’t they pretty approach, with a wink-wink to their mysterious origins like Mom to Dad when warning the kiddies to scoot off to bed lest Santa skip their house. One notable one,, is a portal of information for/on people who admit to making circles themselves.

And then there are those that maintain that there’s still something fantastic, preternatural or otherwise beyond human comprehension behind crop circles. Well not all of them, they seem to say, but certainly some of them.

Says in their FAQ:

“Do you believe that most are hoaxes?”

We have been asked this same question many times, and we always stated, that when a formation is claimed to be a hoax, there is very little evidence to actually prove one hundred percent that it was. Some crop circles can look very irregular and messy in their construction, which can point towards human involvement. Many of the formations are so complex in design that it would seem impossible to make in the middle of the night. Of course you can’t rule it out entirely, as we mustn’t underestimate ourselves, because there have been man made formations down through the years. We do believe that some are hoaxed every year, but there is definitely a real phenomenon interacting with these man-made designs!

Guys, guys, guys. It might be time to let this one go.


10 Responses to “Crop Circles: apparently, still giving it a go as a conversation topic at paranormal get togethers”

  1. Another fascinating topic! I think that there is something very basic in human nature to find patterns and order where there may be none. I think it was Robin Williams who said “the Universe is entroping,” however, that doesn’t mean that we have to like it. The most benign images elicit a response in us: this image means something, but I don’t know what. Then there’s this formation that appeared in the field behind our house. It also reminds me of something, but perhaps I’m just trying to find order where there is none. In the end, like Fox Mulder, we all want to believe.

  2. It sounds as if you would enjoy reading the information available on our web-site, More than 10 years of scientific analysis of crop circle plants and soils (samples taken from crop circles in 7 different countries) revealed clear plant and soil abnormalities, when compared to the plants/soils outside the crop circles. These abnormalities indicate that the plants and soils were exposed to very brief, but intense, bursts of heat (probably microwaves), unusual electrical pulses and strong magnetic fields–NOT MECHANICAL FLATTENING OF THE PLANTS WITH A BOARD OR A PLANK.

    In spite of continuing efforts to debunk the phenomenon (for reasons we don’t understand), the physical evidence is clear: crop circles (the ones not made by copycats) are real and they are very strange. They are occurring all over the world, in all kinds of plants and vegetables, some huge, some small, some of plain design and some ornate, some associated with dramatic light phenomena, others with no light phenomena at all. In many instances a consciousness or awareness (other than our own) seems to be associated with the arrival of new circles. Modern string-theory seems to be telling us there are multiple unseen dimensions to reality–do the crop circles have an origin in some other dimension? If so, why are they occurring here now?

    So far the research has been unable to present an explanation, simple or otherwise, for their occurrence. That there IS a copycat situation does not obscure the reality–crop circles do exist and they do continue to occur. And nobody, so far, knows exactly how or why.

  3. Is the previous commenter trying to insinuate something about the crop circle I observed? Copy”cat”, indeed!

  4. Nancy-

    Thanks for stopping by. I took a couple of hours while pretending to do work this afternoon to look through your site. While I wish I could say I managed a full, comprehensive read, I did not; but I think I took in enough to articulate the thinking behind my dismissive tone in the above post.

    Actually, you hit one of the nails squarely on the head, when you say, “That there IS a copycat situation does not obscure the reality–crop circles do exist and they do continue to occur.” I’m in complete agreement with the notion that, the presence of imposters does not preclude the existence of genuine articles. Such logic would deny the possibility of there having ever been an Elvis, and I don’t think any of us want to see how deep that rabbit hole goes.

    But what I’m missing is an explanation — hypothesis, even — of what the big picture is. While I appreciate the scientific detail your site offers (much of which is way beyond my ability to make sense of) regarding the specific abnormalities experienced by affected flora, magnetization of the soil and plants in formations, and extrapolation that such abnormalities could be cause by heat/microwaves, such information is, in my skeptical view, seeing the leaf without accounting for the forest.

    All of which builds up to my central point, which I apologize for not getting around to more quickly: based purely on my experience with the universe up to this point, and judgments based purely on photos, I have no trouble whatsoever accepting that some manner of natural phenomena caused this aberation. Even, despite its tidy symmetry, this one, because while uncommon on a macro-sort of scale, nature is full of examples of perfect (and near perfect) spheres, cubes, hexagonical columns, and what have you. But this? And/or this? If nature worked like that on a visible scale, we’d see it in more places than wheat fields, over a greater period of time than the past 50-100 years. Your site mentions crop formations as far back as the 1880’s; seems that if any of the artistically-oriented ancient civilizations whose work we’re still able to appreciate ever saw a crop circle, we’d sure know about it (note: I concede that such evidence may exist, and I simply don’t know about it).

    Okay, back to that central point: if they’re not natural, these ornate, geometric formations must be of intelligent design. Which leaves two possible suspects: humans, or not humans. Let’s consider option 2 first. The obvious question is Why? If they’re attempting to communicate, there are surely easier way to do so. Perhaps, then, they’re just screwing with us. I’m not ready to write that one off completely, but more likely is that they’re simply unable to. Again, I’m not ready to write that one off completely, but the prepondering lack of supporting evidence works against the theory. Especially when the competing theory is so much easier to get behind: the culprits are human. Humans who, in the interest of creating what crop circle author Lucy Pringle calls The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times, have developed a methodology for creating crop circles considerably more ingenious than boards and ropes that, like any good illusion is closely guarded by the perpetrator(s) but is, nonetheless, an illusion.

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  6. Eric S. said: if they’re not natural, these ornate, geometric formations must be of intelligent design. Which leaves two possible suspects: humans, or not humans

    So let’s assume that crop circles represent a communication method, from either of the two sources you posit above. For this to be a non-terrestrial communication method, it certainly seems to be a low-bandwidth method and it is difficult to imagine that a useful amount of information can be communicated in a reasonable time frame. As I kind of jokingly suggested in my comment above mass compulsions to visit the Devil’s Tower have effectively been used, however it would be more likely just to come over media we already use for communication. The novel from which that movie was based on also included a subplot where a message directed to anyone who would listen was embedded in physical constants of the universe. Perhaps a bit bogus (although kabbalists might disagree), but a point is valid in that storyline: places are far apart, and you can’t be sure that the recipient has the tools and ability for understanding, and so that sort of communication needs to be as widespread and basic as possible. Crop circles seem to be an awfully expensive communication device with a poor record of payout for residents of Naboo to using to talk to us.

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  8. JAIAquarian Says:

    I have been observing this phenomenon for several years and then started researching with a little more depth. There has been much written on the subject of crop circles, and some very intelligent films…but none has postulated a cohesive thought as to where they come from.

    My observation that human nature wants to either dismiss or embrace the mysteries of life is readily present in much of the online dialogue on the phenomenon. My research has me convinced these are not of (current) human technological origin, for several reasons, including the microwave laser technonology needed to bend the nodes is not sufficiently developed to even effectively emulate it in a lab, much less with incredible harmonic accuracy. Also, there are messages in the crop circles, some obvious (Chilcotin) and some not as obvious (last year’s pi formation). There have been mathematic problems postulated hundreds of years ago that were solved by crop circles, concerning the mathematic relationships of music (not my forte, buti think it is diatonic scales). My feeling is that we need to focus on these messages, en masse in order to unlock these keys to conciousness. Yes, i believe they are messages intended to help humanity grow and evolve (witness the response to the arecibo message, and the following years radio telescope diagram follow up) but that dismissing everyone as a quack who pays attention to the phenomenon will not solve any mysteries. Perhaps it merely serves to satisfy the dismisser’s ego in the face of an as-yet unanswerable question.

  9. Eric S. Says:

    Hi, JAI-

    Thanks for your consideration. I’m unfamiliar with the response to the Arecibo message you cite as evidence crop circles are messages intended to help humanity grow. Could you provide any additional detail?

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