Rock bottom price for (mostly) complete dinosaur remnants

Found on eBay… the perfect gift for that you-know-who that has everything:

As if anyone couldn’t tell just by looking at it (if you fit into this category, hang your head in shame), this is a partially unearthed Triceratops.

Price recently slashed from fair market value of $1,220,000 to must-move discount value $950,000, this one-of-a-kind relic from the Cretaceous era is sure to be the discussion piece in your collection. Pairs well with almost any design aesthetic: Modernist, Classic, Pre Columbian, Nihlist, Kitsch, Naturalist or Discovery Channel. Payment gladly accepted by personal check, money order, or PayPal.

Okay, seriously… PayPal? I understand this fellow is targeting a particular money-to-burn demographic, but I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson didn’t use PayPal to buy the Elephant Man’s remains.


3 Responses to “Rock bottom price for (mostly) complete dinosaur remnants”

  1. What- no indication of shipping costs? I smell fraud! The 90% complete means it’s undoubtedly missing its intracostal clavicle, anyways. (If that joke means anything, raise your head proudly)

  2. Eric S. Says:

    I bow to your superior mastery of obscuria. Though, in tracking your reference (incidentally, intercostal, not >>scoff scoff<< intracostal) I was intrigued to learn from the Wiki elves that Madonna’s 1987 masterpiece Who’s That Girl is “loosely based on this film”, ‘this film’ refering to Bringing Up Baby. Betcha didn’t know that, did you?

  3. Madonna’s 1987 masterpiece Who’s That Girl is “loosely based on this film”

    You know, of course, that anyone can edit Wikipedia. I’m heading over there right now to edit this back into non-existence. “Based on Bringing up Baby????? That is a travesty, sir.

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