…and one for good luck, pt II

Remember the two-faced kitten (or, possibly, single bodied pair of kittens) from a couple of weeks ago? As is the case with all good sequels, the ante has been upped considerably, as reported in telegraph.co.uk:

While the unenlightened might find a two-faced baby shocking, the not yet named baby girl(s) is/are being touted as the reincarnation of Ganesha — who, pardon my ignorance, I had always believed to resemble an elephant with one broken tusk:

Personally, I think it’s great that the they reported by the Telegraph as proclaiming the child as the second coming  of Ganesha are doing something more constructive than hysterically blaming overhead power lines, heavy metals in the drinking water and/or extraterrestrials doing… whatever. Still, the really should consider testing the water.


2 Responses to “…and one for good luck, pt II”

  1. […] for snarkiness: (photo appropriated sans permission from newsvine.com.) Sadly, unlike another recently discovered abnormality, this mono-antlered Roe Deer cleverly named “Unicorn” (hey, maybe it’s clever […]

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