Bush administration seeks to hide origins of Santa Claus

This is one of those stories that would elicit a finger-in-dimple Awwwww were it not for the bigger picture that comes with it:

(Kindly note that the ‘bigger picture’ I mention is a metaphor, not the photo above)

As reported in Send2Press, rock art preservationist Bill Bryant found this petroglyph in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah, way up on a cliff side using a lens I’m guessing is about the length of a python. I’m hoping the report’s hypothesis that this 1,000 year old cliff drawing might actually be linked to European myths of jolly old Saint Nick and his team of flying reindeer is tongue in cheek, but you never know. Rock people are weird like that. Alas, there it is: Santa, with two hands full of Freddie Kruger claws. A horned ‘elf’ with what could only be a plate of cookies. And a sled team that looks to include a couple of caribou, some dogs, bighorn sheep and gazelles, all getting along merrily. See? Awwwww.

Alas, all is not well in this peaceful, cliff-dwelling neighborhood. It seems the Grinch who Sells Parklands has licensed this parcel of land for drilling. There’s an official protest, to be sure, but grassroots preservation efforts don’t have the best track record of standing between faceless corporations and oil fields deemed worthy of tapping in as many as 800 spots over the course of the next eight years. Still. If you think it’s worth giving a damn about, you might consider looking over the Coalition’s How Can I Help page.


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