Bear-proof armor and other handy inventions

It seems real-world inventor Troy Hurtubise has been hard at work pursuing fictional-inventor Tony Stark’s dream. First and foremost on his list of achievements is a suit of bear-proof armor he’s been developing improving upon over 20-some-odd years, testing the suit himself:

There’s a feature length documentary on the subject, too, which is only available on some archaic format called ‘VHS tape’.

Also on his menu of inventions for consideration by folks with surplus military budgets:

  • Firepaste – ceramic, concrete-like thermal shielding able to insulate against reportedly greater-than-reentry temperatures.
  • 1313 Paste – a relatively inexpensive rigid composite able to withstand “direct assault by shotgun slugs, rifle fire, and enough high explosive to demolish a car”.
  • Angel Light – a device for seeing through solid objects, detecting stealth aircraft and disabling electronics.

Next on his list? Sadly, Troy isn’t saying (at least on Teh Interwebz). But I’m putting my money on flying cars.


7 Responses to “Bear-proof armor and other handy inventions”

  1. I really thought that the Master Chief would handle himself (herself??) better against a couple of guys armed with pointed sticks.

  2. After going to the source, the Ursus Mk VII actually has a “bear repellent” device as part of it. I wonder if it is based on some of the angry bees from last week’s posting?

  3. Seems to me that if he’s really looking to wrestle a bear that bear repellent is a step in the wrong direction. Honestly, though, it looks like most of his bouts with bears are cases of irresistible force meets cowering immobile object. Let’s see how the Mark VII holds up with a liberal coat of honey.

  4. Hi

    Check out my latest technology. I need to spread the word about this armour. Why doesn’t the army use it? It will save lives! My brother is in the military, I want him and other to be safe. Please let everyone know about my technology.

    Troy Hurtubise

  5. First and foremost: you, sir, have the coolest job on the entire planet. That said, I know there are at least a couple of law enforcement and career/retired military types that circle through here semi-regularly; let’s see if some of them will peck out of their shells and toss their professional two cents. Anyone? Anyone?? Don’t make me call you out by name.

  6. […] resulted from an image search for bear skeleton. If that’s not good enough, I have no doubt Troy Hurtubise can probably dig one up for […]

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