Campeche UFO sighting, four-year followup

It’s been four years since this UFO sighting by the Mexican Air Force made history as what the Mexican Defense Department (SEDNA) reported at the time as “the first time UFOs have had the backing of any country’s armed forces.” By which I assume they mean they support the people sighting the UFOs, not the extraterestrials on board, whose politics are still subject to debate.

This video’s a bit on the long side (6:36), but half of that is a reporter interviewing a UFO expert, and half is footage released by SEDNA. Note that while, true to form, the footage is blurry and low rez, the YouTubing process has taken it’s toll as well. Also note that, while many UFOs (or OVNI, in the language of the sighters) are simply flying objects that haven’t been identified, both reporter and expert are of the opinion these 11 objects are of intelligent extraterestrial origin:

Now, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s potentially-course-of-history-altering events that just go away. Dear Mexico: if you’re going to cry wolf, kindly take the time to either follow through and either release a plausible explanation of your flyboys’ honest mistake or put your recovered extraterestrial technology up on eBay. It’s common freakin’ courtesy.

After an initial flurry of reports (almost all recapping the AP release a few more digging out the press briefing with journalist Jaime Maussan, host of TV show Los Grandes Misterios del Tercer Milenio) this event just stepped back and disappeared into the fog. And while you’d expect a fair amount of skeptical rebuttal to a government-approved UFO, the only analytical analysis I could find was this detailed response by author Robert Sheaffer.

To be fair, between them these sources cover both sides of the frosted mini wheat. Their reports collectively reveal that the objects weren’t visible to the naked eye, and that the footage was in fact thermal (aka FLIR), and that they didn’t show up on ground radar. Which explains the whole fuzzy-edged ball of light aspect. Maussan reports that the objects surrounded the jets in a ‘near circle formation’. Sheaffer explains the two brightest objects in the jets’ 8:00 position as flares from offshore oil platforms, and the remaining 9 as “probably trucks on the Yucatan highway.” Maussan’s account is sprinkled with words like “complete confusion and disconcert”, “out of control”, “mysterious” and “unknown”; Sheaffer’s has lots of citations and footnotes. Neither of which appears to have been compelling enough to prompt SEDNA t ofolow through.


One Response to “Campeche UFO sighting, four-year followup”

  1. “We’ve picked up a new group of signals; enemy fuzzy blips, coming your way.”

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