Stumpy: alive and kicking

Remember stumpy? Cute little duckling born in England about a year ago with a conspicuous additional pair of legs? Adorable, in that hard-not-to-stare-at way. While back in the Dark Ages he’d’ve likely been burned at the stake for such a deformity by superstitious, torch-and-pitchfork wielding villagers, in our enlightened-if-ironic society, those selfsame legs may well have kept him off the skewer.

Now that I’m a bigshot Blogger of the Strange & Unusual™, I thought I’d check in on Stumpy. Seems he’s alive and well, if perhaps not fully enjoying the gravy train pioneered by all-time deformed poultry all star, Mike the Headless Chicken. Stumpy, it seems, has fallen on hard times.

First, according to multiple British news sources, he’s down a leg. After getting one of the less mobile appendages stuck in the fencing around his ‘specially designed pen’, the crew at the local emergency veterinary clinic were unable to put Stumpy back together again (side note to aspiring special pen designers: the goal is to keep the extra legs, not rip them off.)

And second, he now has an impersonator trying to cash in on his three-legged mojo — an upstart from the land of winged housecats with the uninspired moniker, Stumpy II.

For my money, I’ll stick with the orginal Stumpy, thank you very much, hereafter refered to as Stumpy Classic and pictured here on or around his first birthday. Three legs or four, Stump, you’re a class act.


2 Responses to “Stumpy: alive and kicking”

  1. Wow! Just the sort of post to prompt commenting. I’m not really sure exactly what to say. Maybe suggestions to LOLcise a picture. I’m guessing either “Drumstix: I haz 4!” or “4 legz better than 3”

  2. I remember a variant of this urban legend in which KFC had a genetically modified species of chicken that yielded extra wings and drumsticks. Urban legend, indeed.

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