Sacramento at mercy of plague of bees

From The Sacramento Bee’s website, which a less trusting person might accuse of staging the whole thing:

A big rig loaded with 440 colonies – hives to the layman – populated by 8 million bees flipped over onto its side on the onramp to northbound 99, scattering countless numbers of the valuable insects.

Traffic on 99 wasn’t affected, but the ramp was closed from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. as bees were gathered and loaded onto two other trucks. Emergency crews hauled away the wrecked truck, and a state Department of Transportation crew swept up the dead bees.

Okay, so I was thinking of one of two ways to approach this: either ha ha, the bees are waging a turf war with the giant ants from last Thursday’s story about giant ants, or as a collaborative brainstorming session on clever new plagues God might want to toss at people refusing to let His people go. But before I could decide, my brain kept getting snagged on one little detail:

How the hell do you go about cleaning up spilled bees?

And with that, the thought derailed.


One Response to “Sacramento at mercy of plague of bees”

  1. Google spit back 384,000 links for “bee + removal,” so I reckon that this must be a bit of a problem. This guy is the first Sponsored Link on Google, and apparently has the market cornered for bee removal in California. I think that we’ll all sleep better tonight. Unless, of course, these are Killer Bees.

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