Plan by giant ants to invade California via tunnel from Mexico allegedly debunked

At least, that’s what I thought this article, Stanford debunks giant ant tunnel theory was going to be about. Turns out it’s the tunnel that’s giant, not the ants.

Still, there is this photo, which sure looks like the entrance to a tunnel for giant ants to me:

Photo credits go to Chadwick Tillburg, PhD, who was not only there, but has a list of ant-related credentials on his resume as long as your arm. Or, well, at least as long as your finger. Which, in my book at least, ranks him as a higher authority than some so-called writer for the so-called Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. Seems maybe business leaders in San Jose are a tad concerned about what an invasion by giant ants might do to tourism.


2 Responses to “Plan by giant ants to invade California via tunnel from Mexico allegedly debunked”

  1. I’d be much more concerned about the possibility that the ant tunnel might disrupt the San Andreas Fault (much like the scenario in Superman the Movie, except with ants instead of nuclear warheads), causing all of the area around San Jose to slide into the ocean. I think that the cited article is merely trying to dispel a potential real estate crisis.

  2. […] of two ways to approach this: either ha ha, the bees are waging a turf war with the giant ants from last Thursday’s story about giant ants, or as a collaborative brainstorming session on clever new plagues God might want to toss at people […]

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