8 legs good, 6 legs better

Jolly old England, the country that brought us Stonehenge, crop circles and Jack in Irons is up at bat with a new first: a six-legged octopus. Which, for obvious reasons, can’t really be refered to as an octopus. As such, the highly imaginative “British marine experts” dubbed it a hexapus, I imagine because naming it a sexapus was just begging for the sorts of jokes astronomers have been enduring since the naming of Uranus in 1823. It seems that Henry, rather than being an alien life form or previously undiscovered species, suffers from garden variety birth defects. Still, we can always hope his are dominant mutations and will some day lead to additional tentacled options at the sushi bar.


5 Responses to “8 legs good, 6 legs better”

  1. No way will my kids ever eat a six-legged octopus!

    Octopus should only be served with “extra tentacles, please.”

  2. Also, it’s a shame that the post tag “Octopi” (from this posting two weeks ago, can’t be applied here. Go ahead and tag this one “Octopi” as well, so I can more easily find all cephapod-related postings in the future.

  3. on the road eric Says:

    Sure, but it isn’t actually an octopus. And since there’s just the one, does it really qualify as a -pi?

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