Russians to offer cost effective vacation alternative to Area 51

As reported by trustworthy news source, the Russians are hard at work on the destination-vacation destination for UFO enthusiasts.

Situated a mere 125 miles from Perm — which appears to be the Eastern Bloc cultural equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle — the Spa at Molebka (my name, not theirs) will have all the amenities the discriminating UFO hunter seeks. Says Pravda:

UFO hunters will be placed in comfortable cottages for 20 – 40 dollars per person. Consider that 2 days in American UFO sanctuary “Zone 51”, NV, costs 500 dollars per person. Sanctuary administration plans to receive up to 500 tourists monthly.

So far, the Little A’le’inn hasn’t made public comment.


2 Responses to “Russians to offer cost effective vacation alternative to Area 51”

  1. Haaa, I’ve been to Molebka. Ain’t no hotel, ain’t hardly any tourists either. Those plans for lodges and such are nothing more than just that- vague plans.

    That is a good thing though. Molebka is only for those who are called by that place to come visit. You need to know people to go there.

    Beutiful place, and veeery strange…
    Will go there again this summer.


  2. BION I’m imrpessed! Cool post!

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