On location assignment

I’m off to investigate the Unexplainable on location in the mountains east of Vancouver, BC and will not be returning until March 8th. If at all. If at all, I imagine you saying with a mocking, condescending tone. Like, anything could possibly happen in Vancouver, one of North America’s reputedly safest cities. May I remind you that the X-files was filmed in and around Vancouver for the not-widely-publicized cost savings on special effects. I leave it to you rto put one and three together. Peace ho.


4 Responses to “On location assignment”

  1. So where will I get my steady flood of borderline superfluous data all next week? Mills…

  2. One of my favorite X-Files mysteries was an on location shot; Mulder was investigating a sooper sekrit government coverup at the Skyland resort apparently near Shenandoah National Park. Skyland is about 60 miles east of the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia, and about 25 miles north of me. Now, the cable car that Mulder and Krichek were battling on doesn’t go up to Skyland, and there is no perspective from near Shenandoah where you can see the ocean, yet there it was. I hope that intoallthat will uncover where this missing cable car has gone to in his travels.

  3. vacay eric Says:

    I believe that cable car spent some time in New York City, possibly during the filming of Jackie Chan’s paeon to NYC, ‘Rumble in the Bronx’, which I remember featuring a prototype hovercraft allegedly under review by the MTA.

  4. Skyland is about 60 miles east of the FBI Academy
    Oops, 60 miles west. No wonder I couldn’t find the cable car.

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