Our solar system: now with 38% more stuff!

After being downsized from 9 planets to 8 by the American Museum of Natural history back in ’00 to commemorate the completion of the new Hayden Planetarium, it seems the solar system is now being considered home to a grand total of 11 planets. If, like me, you’re not sure where these new ones came from, it turns out they’ve been there for, like, ever. One is Ceres, previously considered to be just a big asteroid. Also premiering is Eris (nee Xena), which is a resident of Kuiper belt, discovered in 2005. These two as well as perennial underdog, Pluto, are officially classified as Dwarf Planets, I assume out of professional courtesy to the folks at AMNH, who’d be hard pressed to amend the scale map of the solar system on the floor which, were Eris included, would extend up into Harlem.

Wiki speak truth.

Yes, yes, I know the photo’s dated 2006. Sue me for being behind the times. I only heard because some 4th grader from Great Falls, MT wrote a mneumonic for remembering the revised order: My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants.

Now, while I’m all for dissent among scientists, could you folks please make up your mind? Bad enough I need to upgrade my TV because of the whole national upgrade to HD next year (which, of course, means I need to replace all of my DVDs with spiffy new hi-def versions), now I need to upgrade all of my out-of-date astronomy books, too? I swear this whole thing sounds financially motivated.


2 Responses to “Our solar system: now with 38% more stuff!”

  1. I still refuse to call the most popular member of the sauropod family anything else but “Brontosaurus.” The little plastic dinosaur model was explicitly stamped with that name. Damn scientists!

    Wait, I am one. Sorry.

  2. intoallthat Says:

    Not for nothing, but my plastic dinosaur set included saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths. And cavemen. Oddly, though, no Sleestaks.

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