All the cool stuff comes out in China first

You know it’s true. 

Sure, it’s easy to look down your nose at anyone whose WalMart wardrobe is likely to have the words MADE IN CHINA discretely stitched into a pocket. Or the purveyors of lead-bearing toys for toddlers. Or, say, the folks responsible for reducing the Dalai Lama to serving as poster child for whatever that Richard Gere charity is.

But you’ve got to admit, they’ve always been on the cutting edge of cool. Vaccines. Fireworks. The new cellphones we just got at work via secret, underground connections that won’t be released in the US until after they’re not cool any more.

And now, as much as I don’t want this to be the Crazy Cat Dude blog, cats with wings:

New support for Lamarckian theory of evolution?

Yes, another image that could have totally been bluffed with Photoshop, were it not for having a legitimate news source (PS: photo credit to The wings, apparently about 4 inches in length, contain bones. According to quote-unquote Chinese experts, they’re likely not wings at all, but rather a genetic mutation (Note: my scoffing isn’t directed at the facts that they are either allegedly ‘Chinese’ nor ‘experts’, but at the fact that they wouldn’t consider a cat with wings to be an example of genetic mutation.


3 Responses to “All the cool stuff comes out in China first”

  1. I won’t believe it until I see “Cat Autopsy” on Fox, narrated either by Jonathon Frakes or Mitch Pillegi. Actually, I’d probably rather have Wil Wheaton, because he’s much funnier.

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