Mars smiles back

A photo courtesy of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, known to neighboring intelligences as the paparazzi:

You'd think a god of wart would be a sourpuss, but no

Which is a clear sign that inefficient bureaucracy is a universal constant. Clearly, the folks that make crop circles were supposed to go to Mars (as crop-circlese is undoubtedly some Martian language), and this gesture of good will was meant to come to us. Somehow, the work crews’ orders must have gotten mixed up somewhere along the line.

Not the crater's good side

But you can’t knock their craftsmanship. Naturalists and environmentalists, take note of the fine job they’ve done integrating their work into the surrounding landscape, as though it simply grew there.


2 Responses to “Mars smiles back”

  1. Hopefully Zach Snyder will work these images into Watchmen.

  2. […] amiably straightforward as recently-discovered formations on Mars may be, it’s clear the perpetrators of the Bellagio formations intend to shroud themselves in […]

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