Objects in Space

So all of this ‘lunar eclipse’ business got me thinking. Let’s say you were scheduling a massive invasion of the Earth. Not one of those spontaneous invasions, like an interplanetary last minute vacation package, but one requiring a bit of planning and forethought.

Without getting into the specifics of such an invasion (Math and/or Science types, consider this your invitation to speculate wildly), I think we can agree on at least one point: invasions typically go better if you’re able to sneak up on your opponent. If you were sneaking up on the Earth, seems like the best way to do so would be to swing in from behind the closest heavenly body big enough to hide your invasion fleet, right? Don’t answer that — it was rhetorical. Now, if you were a truly anal retentive alien invasion planner, it’d make sense to schedule the actual event under cover of darkness, wouldn’t it? Sure, unless there were extenuating circumstances.

Possibly unrelated to any of this is this:

Coincidence? Or someone jumping the gun from the alien invasion start line? I leave it to you.


One Response to “Objects in Space”

  1. At first I was expecting a “Firefly” post.

    It makes more sense to come from behind the sun, where they’d likely be obscured by the glare until they were right on top of us. I’m sure this has been used before in SF. I know in Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky, that the Qeng Ho hid their presence from the Spiders for 200+ years by staying in close proximity to a collection of asteroids and obscured by sunlight. In support of your thesis, 2001, the monolith is hidden on the farside of the moon.

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