…and one for good luck

Texas, temporarily stealing the Spotlight o’ Weird from reigning champion New Jersey, has officially one upped their own UFO sighting. It seems that one of the seven kittens delivered by Amber, a Persian mix, was born with two faces.

No, literally:

In sert your own joke about how *all* cats are two faced.

Yes, yes, I know it look Photoshopped, but I lifted it fair and square from a reputable news source (metro.co.uk), and it’s got one of those flashy AP copyrights on it, which screams of legitimacy. Gold star for the person with the funniest Siamese cat joke.


9 Responses to “…and one for good luck”

  1. intoallthat Says:

    Someone using the alias ‘Dave’ sent this in.

  2. […] one for good luck, pt II Remember the two-faced kitten (or, possibly, single bodied pair of kittens) from a couple of weeks ago? As is the case with all […]

  3. […] The owners of Hex, pictured above in a photo swiped from cfnews13.com, were expecting conjoined twins, and ended up instead with a six-legged kitten and a backup supply of organs. And, I expect, 13.5 lives. What’s really notable is that the reporter chose to refer to the expected kittens as conjoined, maybe for reasons of political correctness, or possibly because there’s nothing special about giving birth to cats that happen to be Siamese twins. Okay, okay, sue me for that one… I’ve been holding it in since the last feline abnormality back in February. […]

  4. Sweet, darling little kitty. We have just had one born the same here in Queensland Australia.. Only yesterday.
    hugs, joey

  5. Wow… a two faced kitten, hot out of the oven. Thanks for the tip, Joey. Hopefully returning the favor, do you know about http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/? Seems like you might find it amusing.

  6. […] begin, where to begin? A joke about Siamese twins? Copy cats? Yeah, no: those weren’t funny the last time this happened. Maybe a ponderance on whether the litter box flushes the other way around in the Southern […]

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